Tom Brady and the Super Bowl - A Love Story


Yesterday - on Sunday, February 7, 2021 - Tom Brady (once again) did the unthinkable. Once again, he led his team to the Super Bowl. Once again, he managed to come out as the the age of 43. Tom Brady's career reads like a movie script - I would not be surprised if it actually turned into one in the near future.

After the Patriots underwhelming campaign in 2019/2020, the arguable GOAT decided to take his talents and experience to Florida; Tampa Bay to be exact. There he joined forces with his former target at the tight end position, Rob Gronkowski. Expectations were high right from the beginning.

After many ups and downs - for example, head coach Bruce Arians publicly criticizing Brady - and unexpected acquisitions - like high-profile, yet polarizing, wide receiver Antonio Brown - throughout the regular season, Brady's Buccaneers seemingly found their rhythm come playoff-time.

After defeating the Washington Football Team, as well as the New Orleans Saints, Tom-pa Bay came out victorious against the Green Bay Packers and MVP Aaron Rodgers in the Conference Final, becoming the first franchise in NFL history to ever get to play a Super Bowl on home turf.

And once again, Brady showed out. At 43 years and 188 days, the quarterback was able to complete 21 of 29 passes, throwing for 201 yards. He recorded three touchdowns, targeting his tight end Gronkowski twice and his star-wide receiver Antonio Brown once. His performance - in combination with the Bucs' incredible defensive effort which was led by Ndamukong Suh's 1.5 sacks and Devin White's twelve tackles in total and coordinated by Todd Bowles - helped the Buccaneers' secure their second Super Bowl victory in franchise history, while earning him the title of Super Bowl MVP - for the fifth time over his illustrious career.

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But it does not end there for the GOAT. He has been able to participate in ten Super Bowls - or 18% of all 55 Super Bowls if you want. Also, by winning his seventh title, he became the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl...extending the record he already set two years ago with the New England Patriots.

Without a doubt, he has been able to further cement his greatness - and silence critics who claimed he would not be able to win a ring without Patriots coach Bill Belichick - by switching teams, changing Tampa Bay's culture, and taking them to Super Bowl success.

What if told you, however, he (allegedly) already claimed to come back next season?

author: Daniel Hahofer

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