The Super League - disgraceful


The Super League was announced last night and it´s a complete and utter disgrace not only to the fans and the clubs but the entirety of the sport.

Where do we begin? The European elite, namely Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have proposed to create a Super League made up of 20 teams. The founding members are guaranteed a spot in the tournament with a few teams joining from qualifiers each season. Already, this makes me shiver - "guaranteed"? Nothing should ever be guaranteed in football. Everything must be earned - the right to stay in a league, the right to get promoted, as well as the right to enter an international competition. By disregarding equality, ignoring a level playing field where any team can climb to the top if they just keep working, the so-called elite is taking away the very essence that made the game what it is today. Even the most historical clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid owe everything to their domestic leagues as well as the Champions League and the lack of loyalty and especially the lack of respect for the fundamentals of the game that fans hold so close to their hearts - the traditions, morals and values that make football the greatest sport in the world - is sickening.

Now when we talk about Liverpool, we´re not talking about Mo Salah, Klopp or the fans, but about their owners. People who have nothing to do with the beautiful game and don´t share the love, nor the passion for football have been at the top of it for far too long. I get that football is a business and, honestly, there´s nothing wrong with that. But the fact that the people in charge of these massive clubs think they can go over the head of UEFA and FIFA - the governing bodies of football - all while claiming to do it "for the fans" is scandalous.

None of these teams can go unpunished. Just for context, Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan Athletic got deducted 12 points each for breaking spending regulations and going into administration. Swiss side FC Sion were banned from all UEFA competitions for two years after violating FFP-regulations. Compare that to 12 teams going over everyone´s head to break away from the Champions League and change the core structures of football forever. There have to be massive consequences for every club in the Super League - points deductions, forced relegations, maybe even permanent bans. The owners of these clubs have made their intentions very clear and this behaviour can´t be tolerated.

Now, where do we go from here? Because there is no turning back now, there are going to be major changes. If FIFA and especially UEFA allow the Super League to go through, they lose even the last bit of credibility that they have left. If they choose to act in this situation, it will be war. To ban Super League players from international tournaments like the World Cup is very harsh, but probably for the best, as long as players are given the chance to leave the Super League in time. The worst part about all of this is probably the timing. To announce a tournament like this one during a global pandemic, when fans aren´t allowed to protest or come to the games and let the owners know how they feel about the direction their club is going just tells you all about the kind of owners we are dealing with here. Only time will tell if football as we know it can be saved. For now, fans all over the world have to unite to fight corporate greed and the people who have done wrong for long enough - let´s hope for the best.

author: Dominik Plöchl