The Nosebleed Section

Home of passionate Sports coverage

We are an Austrian duo of adolescent, non-professional writers, who have a profound interest in and a deeply-rooted love for Sports. In our articles, we want to inform you about a variety of topics in the world of (mostly, but not exclusively) Football and Basketball. We will not focus on a specific style with our content ranging from in-depth analysis to more humorous and entertaining articles.

The two of us, Dominik Plöchl and Daniel Hahofer, met after graduating while serving community service together. Now we are trying to combine our respective linguistic and creative skillsets with our shared enthusiasm for sports. Without any professional experience, we intend to provide an authentic and unique take on international and national or local sports-related topics, hoping to cater to a wide variety of sports fans and enthusiasts.

A youthful approach to the subject, unique viewpoints and passionate reporting are what separates us and will hopefully result in a refreshing experience.